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Residenza Alla Giudecca Siracusa
Residence Alla Giudecca Siracusa - Unique self catering accommodation occupying an ancient historical building on the island of Ortigia, Siracusa.
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Residenza Alla Giudecca Church


For prices and availability visit the Residence Alla Giudecca Booking Office. Booking is fast and simple and is no deposit is necessary.


Tours of the property are available in English and Italian and may be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of whether you’re staying with us or not.

Residenza Alla Giudecca Church

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The Residence Alla Giudecca on the island of Ortigia, Siracusa, is unique and breathtaking and offers guests a historical experience unlike any other accommodation. If you’re coming to Italy for history, a finer place to stay you will not find. This stunning medieval building, maintaining its ancient glory in stone walls and vaulted ceilings unchanged throughout the centuries, contains the original Hebrew baths used for the ritual of purification dating back to the Byzantine period of the Roman Empire.

Residenza Alla Giudecca Reading Room Residenza Alla Giudecca Reading Room

The Byzantine period began in the early 4th century AD when the beginning of the transition of the Roman Empire to Christianity was afoot. This spellbinding place still echoes with the sounds of the ancient Roman Empire. Tours are available in English and Italian. The property also contains the entire ruins of a deconsecrated church where today special celebrations take place in surroundings that for all the world seem like 1000 years ago.

Take the Residence Alla Giudecca Virtual Tour to explore the public areas of our stunning and unique property. (The Hebrew Baths are not featured in the tour.)

23 self-catering apartments seep with a serene and surreal glow up above. Maintained in pristine condition, they provide all of the home comforts you need to make you and your family comfortable while the tranquillity of these ancient and narrow streets will relax you, rest you and inspire you.

All our 23 Apartments come with full self catering facilities and modern bathrooms, satellite TV, air conditioning and an outside telephone line. Our meeting room holds up to 150 people, tours are available upon request and breakfast is complimentary when you book online.

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